Attendee Listens to a Session Speaker


The inaugural ASCO-SITC Clinical Immuno-Oncology Symposium featured an array of multidisciplinary sessions covering the spectrum of immunotherapy approaches, including vaccines, T-cell therapy, and oncolytic viruses. The program, designed to provide state-of-the-art education for clinicians and scientists alike, emphasized clinical and translational research in immuno-oncology and implications for clinical care across a wide range of tumor types. Session topics included “Tumor Intrinsic Biomarkers,” “Tumor Extrinsic Biomarkers,” “Combination Immunotherapies,” and “Toxicities and Resistance to Immunotherapy.”

Each day of the 2017 Symposium featured a Keynote Lecture given by world-renowned experts on the most clinically relevant issues in immuno-oncology. Topics included memory T-cells and T-cell biology, neoantigens and checkpoint blockades, and the microbiome.

For members of the cancer care team looking for a foundational understanding of immunology, the Symposium featured early morning “Immunology 101” sessions. During “Evening Highlights” sessions, experts in the field helped further contextualize the educational content provided throughout the program for clinical application.

The program also offered several opportunities for robust networking, discussion, and engagement with faculty members and other attendees. Participants in Networking Roundtable sessions interacted with leaders in the field to discuss disease-site specific research as well as general career planning and growth. The disease sites represented in these sessions included melanoma, head and neck cancers, ovarian cancer, cancers of the pancreas and liver, and more.